Enquire Client Portal has the capability for External Assessors to view assigned Grant Applications and add confidential assessment data.  Simple and easy steps for External Assessors are outlined below:

1. Log into Enquire Client Portal using the credentials provided by the Grant Funding Organisation.  Where relevant see related articles on How do I update My Account details and What if I forget my password.

2. Navigate to My Tasks to view the external assessment tasks assigned to you.  Select the task from the Tasks table.

3. Select the cog icon on the left hand side of the screen to Claim the assessment task. 

4. Use the navigation menu to Save your external assessment.  Close the assessment task if you need to exit the assessment and you will return to the My Tasks view.

4. Review your assessment responses and information prior to submitting. Select Submit on the top navigation.  After submitting your assessment, the screen will refresh with a read-only version of the application and assessment data.