The Client Reporting functionality provides a simplified way for customers to submit their interim, bi-annual, adhoc or final reports.   Client Reporting Portal allows Primary contact to complete the report and submit it entirely online. Follow steps below to submit your client portal report.

1. Login into your client portal account

2. Select the My Grants menu to view your Grant records.

3. Select the relevant Grant to VIEW DETAILS.

4. Use the arrows to scroll horizontally to the Reports tab and select to Open the Report Requested.

5. Enter report data in the relevant form sections and Save as you progress.  

6. Once the report is completed and all mandatory data entered, select Submit Report. A notification that the report is successful submitted will be displayed on screen. The submitted report can be reviewed by the contractor who will verify that the details.

7. Select Open button to view a read-only version of the the data which was entered.